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Digestable is a thrice-weekly mouthful of things happening in the world.

We over here who work in media know it’s easy to get sad and distracted wandering the halls of the big internet when really what you need is to do some work, drink some tea, and take a walk. Digestable, if we do well, will let you do that.

Digestable was created and is written by me, Lena Greenberg (they). The ~*Hot Goss*~ is written by Latifah Azlan (she). On Mondays, Gabriel Coleman (they) writes A Second Look, in which they revisit something. On Fridays, Carolina Santamaria (she) and Mollie Rose K. Siebert (she) grace us with tarot (Caro’s Tarot) and musings on music (DJ toM0RO’s low-key music show).